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With very few and special exceptions, there is no more influential an individual in the modern world of special makeup effects than John Chambers. That the exploits of contemporary wizards such as Rick Baker, Rob Bottin and Steve Johnson would have been unthinkable without Chambers' contributions does not begin to shed light on the impact that he has made on an entire industry. From his work in television's crucial first decades through groundbreaking cinematic triumphs as pivotal as Planet of the Apes, Chambers' career in Hollywood solidified his legacy as undeniable technical master and pioneer of both tutorial and ethical standards that have yet to be surpassed. This 30-minute Video features his protégés and many colleagues paying tribute to the man and his work on the occasion of his 75th birthday party. Specially featured is an exclusive appearance by APEMANIA, the living tribute to Chambers' characters from Planet of the Apes.

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