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Outdoors with Eddie Brochin Full Charge |


Description: HTS Pro Team member Michael "Majek" Moore takes two Spanish Boars in Texas with archery equipment. One on a full run while being charged by a 250 lb. boar at one yard away! You have got to see this. Join "Archer Ed" and his Red-Tailed Hawk Chase, a.k.a. "Maverick" on a late season small game hunt in pursuit of an evening meal. From field to the table this is really a unique experience! Join host Eddie Brochin and members of his pro staff as they travel the country in pursuit of outdoor adventure. Every show is as unique as its host. Eddie Brochin is a master outdoorsman, providing service to the public as a professional hunting and fishing guide. He pursues his quarry with traditional bow hunting equipment and his latest addition to his outdoor pro staff, a red-tailed hawk named "Maverick." Whether you are a beginning enthusiast or a serious sportsman, this show is for you. "As Real as it Gets."

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