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The Rains Of Ranchipur | 1955


THE RAINS OF RANCHIPUR is the second version of Louis Bromfield's novel to be adapted for the big screen. The first version, 1939's The Rains Came, bore the title of his book, but it was the latter 1955 version, produced by Twentieth Century Fox and directed by Jean Negulesco, that received the big-budget treatment. The star-studded film stars Lana Turner (Lady Edwina Esketh) as a spoiled wife of British royalty. Under the invitation of the Maharani (Eugene Leontovich), the couple travel to purchase horses in India, where the bored housewife proceeds to fall for Richard Burton's Dr. Safti. Despite his shunning her initial advances, the two begin an illicit affair. It is an affair that is complicated, or perhaps symbolized, by a series of disasters by Mother Nature, complete with earthquakes and a devastating flood. A cinematic coup, the movie was nominated and won an Academy Award? for Best Visual Effects.

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