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Sharpshooter | 2008


Dillon is a seasoned Special Ops sniper and ex-navy SEAL, looking for a hard-earned retirement and the quiet life. Then Flick, his government contact, offers him one last mission of utmost importance to national security. A well-know terrorist, Miguel Deguerre, has settled in small-town USA with plans to sell nuclear materials to North Korea. Dillon takes off for Appleton, posing as a lawyer on a fishing respite, Dillon is immediately taken with a young waitress, Amy. Dillon begins to question the validity of this mission. When Dillon's plan to infiltrate a party at Deguerre's estate is thwarted by Deguerre's henchmen, Dillon flees into the woods. But the chase is far from over. He's gotten word that Flick has arrived in Appleton with a trio of professional killers. Now, from Amy's cunning seduction to the sheriff's shadowy pursuit, to being set upon by Flick's men, Dillon wonders which one has a set a trap for him--and why.

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