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Special 26 | 2013


Special 26, "inspired by true incidents", is set in the first few months of 1987, one of the final years of the long-entrenched licence-permit raj that allowed self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen to rob the people of the country at will and with impunity.At the heart of the film is an intriguing battle of wits between an honest-to-a-fault CBI officer Waseem Khan (Manoj Bajpayee) on the one hand and a cynical con artist Ajay Vardhan (Akshay Kumar) and his older associate P.K. Sharma (Anupam Kher) on the other.While one is a committed custodian of a terribly flawed enforcement system, the other two think nothing of exploiting its many loopholes to serve their own get-rich-quick designs.And finally they plan big, big ever raid and even for the last time of their lives, when the Actual C.B.I. gets aware of their game, investigate and follow them.

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