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Free For All


1 Season

Finally, a family show, too twisted to watch with your family. Download Free For All, the wildly offbeat series about the disturbing life and times of Johnny G. Jenkins, a community college student, who's got more than his share of sickos to call kin. As Johnny's horn-dog grandmother sets her sights on moving up in the world - from her room in the family's basement to Johnny's bedroom upstairs - he ends up dodging her outrageous attempts on his life. But this kid can expect no help from his dad, whose drunken paternal affections are turned into greed as he tries to woo the wealth of Johnny's best friend, Clay. Living off a generous settlement from a slip and fall lawsuit, Clay not only has money, but he's also got a steady flow of pain killers at his disposal. So, it's no wonder that Angus, Clay's Vicodin-addicted ferret, a lab-rat-turned-house-pet, is always nearby.

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