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Charm School 3


2 Season

Those rude, crude, frequently naked girls who ferociously fought one another for the heart of rock star Bret Michaels are back - and they're in need of some serious fixing up! Fourteen of your favorite stars from Rock of Love seasons one and two will come together under one roof for some healing and some heated competition. Living and learning as a group while fending for themselves, these rock and roll vixens will be taught the virtues of manners, etiquette, fashion, moderation and various other lessons designed to smooth out their very rough edges. Pushing these ladies down the road to renewal and re-discovery is true rock and roll royalty - Sharon Osbourne. As Headmistress of Charm School, Sharon will attempt to strip the girls of their former rebellious and wild ways. And with some help from experts along the way, hopefully Sharon will ultimately be able to transform the girls into fully rockin? ladies.

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