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The Challenge


13 Season

This season on The Challenge, 20 competitors will be going for the gold in a completely new game! This time around, there are no teams and no challenges! Instead, the players will find themselves abandoned on a deserted island off the coast of Panama where their living conditions are rustic, with only a limited amount of food and sparse accommodations. Just surviving will be a challenge unto itself! Those who can handle life on The Island will be rewarded with a chance at claiming a $300,000 treasure which is buried on a smaller island off in the distance across the ocean. The goal for the players this season is to build seaworthy crafts that will transport them to this island to find the loot. Every few days, there will be air drops which deliver vital supplies as well as the materials needed to construct two boats which the competitors will be building over the course of the Challenge to get them to the treasure.


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