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1 Season

It's two years after their over-the-top birthday bashes but these teens are still mooching off of mom and dad. Watch the parents send their pampered princesses halfway across the world where they will live with a teenaged girl from an indigenous tribe - sleeping where she sleeps, eating what she eats and doing the chores that she does. Will any of these daddy's girls be able to survive a week-long exile in a remote location like the African desert or the Amazon and come out of it with a new appreciation for the lives they lead? Or will their parents' revenge send them over the edge? Watch as these former Sweet 16ers travel to isolated locations all over the world, from the African desert to the tundra of the Arctic Circle, from the jungles of South America to the mountains of Asia. Can these once-in-a-lifetime experiences change the mindset of these spoiled teens?

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