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On Earth As It Is In Heaven


1 Season

This study challenges Christians, as ambassadors of Christ and agents of reconciliation, to stop watching helplessly as society marches away from God. Hosts, Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt teach participants how to saturate their communities with God's love and to minister wholeness to broken societies. Venture with Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt into challenging, uplifting, paradigm-stretching territory... "On Earth As It Is in Heaven" is a clarion call for every local church and every follower of Jesus Christ. The 12 sessions are: Session 1: "God's All-Encompassing Agenda" Session 2: "God's Agenda and the Church" Session 3: "The Transforming Story" Session 4: "The Church is Failing to Fulfill God's BIG Agenda" Session 5: "Worldview Shift" Session 6: "The Cost to the Church" Session 7: "The ABC's of Culture" Session 8: "The Spread of Ideas" Session 9: "The Church as a Window" Session 10: "Kingdom Math" Session 11: "The Gates of the City" Session 12: "The Discipline of Serving Others"


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