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Necessary Roughness


3 Season

Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) seems to have it all figured out: she's got a beautiful home, a successful husband, two great kids, and a satisfying career as a psychotherapist. But when she catches her husband cheating, Dani's perfect world begins to unravel. Fortunately, Dani's counseling skills soon land her a gig as the team therapist for the local football franchise, the New York Hawks, and before she can say "Hail Mary" Dani has managed to help the team's star wide receiver and become the most sought-after therapist on Long Island, with high-profile clients from athletes to entertainers clamoring for her unique brand of therapy. But though her career is reenergized, it doesn't take Dani long to realize that balancing the demands of work and family won't be easy. It's a good thing she's tough, because one thing's for sure: Dani's about to have a whole lot of new issues to tackle.

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