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Angry Boys


1 Season

Chris Lilley is at it again! The Australian comedian/actor/writer who gave the world the cult hit series''Summer Heights High' and 'We Can Be Heroes' amps up his acutely observed, character-based comedy style with this riotous comedy series that sheds a comical light on today's disenfranchised youth. Throughout 12 episodes in Season One, Lilley picks up where he left off with two of the characters first seen in 'Heroes': identical bird-brained twins 'Daniel and Nathan Sims' (both portrayed by Lilley). The show also follows four other characters (Lilley again!) whose lives intersect with the twins: former surfing champion 'Blake Oakfield'; suburban rapper 'S.mouse'; Japanese mother 'Jen Okazaki' who wants to make her son a skateboarding star; and 'Ruth 'Gran' Sims,' an unorthodox prison officer at a boy's detention center.

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