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The Waltons


9 Season

From the dire days of the Great Depression through the trying times of World War II, an American family living in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains struggles to remain together in the wholesome saga The Waltons, based on the life of series creator Earl Hamner Jr. (Falcon Crest). First released in 1972, this inspiring series is seen through the eyes of John-Boy (Richard Thomas), the eldest of seven children in a clan that ekes out a meager existence from the family lumber mill. In season one, John-Boy saves his father's life, a wandering minstrel almost corrupts young Mary Ellen, beloved mother Olivia copes with polio and the strong Walton family endures a variety of other trials. Among the guest stars in the first season of this acclaimed drama series are Ned Beatty, Sissy Spacek, Denver Pyle, John Ritter and Gregory Sierra.

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