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1 Season

Z-Squad is a series about three ordinary school girls charged with the task of saving an alternate universe called Z-Nation. When three boys known as the Drop Dead Gorgeous Three (DDG3) move to the girls high school, the life of Chaney, Jeanie and Haemi are turned upside down. Determined not to let any boys get the better of them, the girls sign a magical contract, transforming them from ordinary girls into the powerful Z-Squad. Each armed with a protector and advisor, the trio go in search of 144 power crystals which have fallen to Earth. The crystals are bound to the life force of a powerful warrior named Aramis who fights to protect the people of Z-Nation. To reclaim the power crystals, the girls must defeat 36 evil Zoots and seal them within the Mega belt. If the girls are successful, they will save Prince Aramis and Z-nation. If they fail, all will be lost.

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